Custom insert done to hold 5 pre-rolls and a lighter

When selling joints in multiples this package is the perfect solution. Can be customized to fit any number of joints you sell together. Keeps joints separate from each other on the interior to prevent damage during movement or transit. Conceals product when the laws require it and still allows for space on the exterior for curated information.

This cutting edge design has a secure holding compartment for vape cartridge and pen to rest. Prevents spillage and breakage of oil or pen by keeping cartridge still when package is handled or displayed. Interior compartment easily slides in and out of exterior package, yet fits tight inside to ensure it won’t slide out without assistance.

Customized home for your topicals with exterior space to provide brand recognition and usage instructions. An extra layer of protection and safety when needed. Allows for a fully concealed discreet package when laws require this. Keeps topicals upright and protects them from light exposure breakage.

Keep your food products protected in our customizable packaging made especially for edibles. Boxes minimize damage and prevent smooching or breaking of product inside. We know with edibles it is imperative to have extensive space on the exterior package to provide all the dosing and compliance info. 

Protects the joints from light, breakage, and direct handling while providing room for company and product information to be distinctly displayed.

Allows for shatter or honey to be wrapped in parchment and folded inside for a complete discreet branded solution. Prevents spreading and spilling of product and creates a perfect small package for customers to use what they want and save the rest without any product loss. Great for easy transport.