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Three different packaging solutions specifically tailored to Clones


Small perfectly sized planters for each individual clone in soil. Sturdy construction ensures secure protection from being broken or crushed. Paperboard materials allow for branding space for your company and products.

Fly Trap

Growing often means keeping away pests that will destroy the plants so we created a natural paper flytrap option. Sell your own recyclable flytraps along with clones. Made of sustainable materials and customizable in any shape or size. Space for marketing and any relevant information you want to share.

Carrying Case

Convenient carrying case for a set of clones. Allows plants to travel upright preventing any loss of soil or plant material while in transit. Can be customized to fit any number of clones from 3 or more. Secure closure system and handle for simple and easy transport. Large branding space for company and product information as well as growing instructions if desired.

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